Tulgey - Speedlight Umbrella Bracket: Full Product Cycle

Tulgey: Cylinder is a better Speedlight/Speedlite Umbrella Flash Bracket that allows a studio photographer to use his equipment without having to look cheap or lose convenience. It boasts sleek aluminum finish. It can also be anodized black to decrease the chance of annoying and erratic reflections.

Pistol Grip Whisk: Ideation/Quick Prototyping

A design class challenged us to redesign a kitchen utensil. I chose to redesign the whisk.

The problem is the orientation of the hand and the shape of the handle. A straight handle is great when held in a "power grip" (like with a baseball bat) or in a "precision grip" (like with a paintbrush or pencil). When a larger handle, like the one on a whisk, is held in a table-knife grip and rotated quickly, the wrist tires very quickly.

MO.MENT Scooter: Hi Res Prototype

MO.MENT is a scooter concept that I, along with two other designers, designed to make scootering faster and more exciting. We were challenged to redesign the basic scooter (think RazorĀ®). We decided to take a radical approach:

Our Point of View: MO.MENT is speed and grace. With it, you propel yourself forward very quickly, gliding over the ground.

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