In Progress

Aves Pico: Lugged Steel Frame Bicycle

Build Progress


  • Tubing (CroMoly Steel) - √
  • Investment Cast Lugs - √
  • Campagnolo Croce Groupset (c. 1988) - √

Still to be Done:

  • Modify lugs
  • Cut tubes to length and cut/file fishmouths
  • Braze Frame
  • Braze on misc parts
  • Do internal Brake routing
  • Sand Frame
  • Have Frame Powedercoated
  • Assemble Bike

Folding Music Stand

This music stand is for the discerning traveling musician. It will be made primarily of Mahogany, Maple and Brass. When unfolded it will stand 30 inches tall, perfect for a sitting person. When folded it will measure 7 x 18 x 5 inches.

Current Progress: The metal parts are almost done.

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