Aztec Eagle Cutting Board: Rendering

The renders of the model of an end grain cutting board I'm planning on making as a gift.

The woods that will be used are: Rock Maple in end grain orientation for the majority of the board and Purpleheart, both in end grain and in edge grain orientations for the eagle and border respectively.

Modeled, textured, and rendered in Wings 3D.

The Osprey: Need-finding

The Osprey is a computer case with innovative design and ingenious modifiable drive layout. It can house up to 8 5.25" drives in 4 double-drive bays, or 20 3.5" drives in 4 5-drive bays or anything in between (any combination of bays that is...).

This concept was created after extensive need-finding cycles. I observed people interacting with and building computers, I interviewed them about their computer case needs and iterated through design ideas until I arrived at this solution.

Redesigned Watches: Ideation

A design class challenged us to redesign the way we humans tell time with watches.

Here are my top 5 concepts. These were modeled, textured and rendered in Wings 3D.

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