UCSF in the Community: Interactive Map

UCSF in the Community is an interactive map of San Francisco with each way UCSF impacts its local community marked with a point. When a user hovers of the point, they can learn more about the good UCSF does.

I added this feature to the main UCSF web site. I built it in Drupal 6, PHP, HTML, CSS and jQuery.

This feature won a 2011 Gold CASE award.

Link to the UCSF in the Community web feature

Frameline: Highly Interactive Drupal 7 Site

Frameline is a yearly film festival in San Francisco. I developed the front-end, alongside a designer and a back-end developer. The Frameline site has at its core a extensive Drupal 7 site with custom home page carousel jQuery code.

Link to Frameline website

Literary Laundry: Responsive Drupal 7 CMS Site

Literary Laundry is an online literary journal I started with some friends my senior year at Stanford. I built this version of the site Fall of 2012. It is built using Drupal 7 (highly customizable CMS), PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery. It was designed mobile first to lessen the load on mobile connections and displays perfectly on all devices.

Link to the Literary Laundry website

Akiva Health Systems: Static Responsive Design

This is the Akiva Health Systems corporate web site. I designed it from the beginning as a responsive site, with all the jQuery and CSS3 functionality built into clean elegant HTML5 code. I also designed the logo and all of Akiva's marketing and business materials; like business cards, posters and powerpoint templates.

Akiva Health Systems is a healthcare IT startup I worked at in San Francisco. They focus on improving communication between patients and providers in the mental healthcare industry.

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