Panoramic Tripod Head: Machining

This is the prototype of my Panoramic Tripod Head, that I machined out of 6061 and 7075 aluminum on both the lathe and mill. All the parts were designed in Solidworks and machined referencing printed out shop drawings.

OmNomNom - Animal Mimicry: Mechatronics

OmNomNom is a robot that mimics the animal movement of an alligator. The four-bar linkage I designed very closely replicates an alligator's stride. OmNomNom even bends in the middle of the body, to lengthen the stride and more closely match the look of an alligator in motion. For a little quirky flair, we even made the jaw open and close at it walks!

Lego Crawler: Drivetrain Design

In ME112 at Stanford we were assigned to design and build a lego crawler that could ascend a sandy incline while dragging a sled.

I and my team designed and built this crawler. We designed a drivetrain with a ratio of 120:1 which made our crawler a torque beast!

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